Oleg Tumanov is not only a composer, he is also an accomplished melodist who works in a broad range of musical styles. No matter the style, Oleg writes all of his own songs, which feature memorable melodies.

Oleg was raised in a family of musicians, so from his youngest age he was surrounded by beautiful music from all over the world. He began playing the piano at the age of five, and was raised as a pianist. Oleg has been composing music for many years. Since he was raised in the musical traditions of the best composers, Oleg creates his compositions with very high standards, placing melody at the center of his work.

Oleg has worked with some of the greatest musicians of our time from all over the world. They include the great Cuban pianist Chucho Valdes; the world-renowned Brazilian composer Joao Donato, one of the founders of bossa nova; top Brazilian vocalists Emilio Sntiago, Leny Andrade and Wanda Sa, and many others.

Oleg's music has been chosen by top Latin dancers for use in the world Latin ballroom championships. His songs have received prestigious awards from ball room dance association.

Oleg's original soundtracks have been featured in several Russian primetime TV series ("Adjutants of Love") which are broadcast on the national Russian channels "ORT" and "STS".

Both Warner Music and Warner Chappell distribute and promote Oleg's music.

Oleg is currently composing music ina variety of styles, including Pop, Dance, Latin and Rock. He works with some of the best modern musicians, producers and bands from  the US, Italy, Brazil, Cuba and Russia.